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About Us

Company Overview

Interactive Saudi Arabia Limited (ISA) is a Saudi Economic Offset Program Company headquartered and operating from Riyadh. The company is an established (9+ year old) information technology company whose IT solutions and businesses focus on:

  1. Enterprise Portal Development through Microsoft SharePoint Technology
  2. Content Management Development
  3. Web-based Application Development and Implementation
  4. Work Flow Process Automation
  5. E-Commerce, E-Services and E-Government Solutions

We engage in innovative, interactive e-business opportunities where multi-channel solutions are integrated for high-impact value-added business benefits. You, our client, are the focus of our work; ISA processes are engineered to provide you with the best return on your IT investments.

ISA is solely focused on developing industry-specific solutions for government, financial institutions and enterprises.

Interactive Saudi Arabia Limited is a Saudi joint venture company with local shareholders and, through Saudi Offset Limited Partnership, Raytheon Company (USA) and Thales International Offsets (France).

Interactive Saudi Arabia LTD. (ISA)

ISA brings a holistic vision to the IT needs of the enterprise. This vision is about unlocking strategic value hidden in segmented and fragmented data, and providing leading technologies that give ISA’s clients unparalleled insight into their businesses

Interactive Saudi Arabia Ltd.

Our Shared Values

Delivering on our mission requires a team of people who share a set of common values. The team at Interactive comes from different backgrounds but executes according to a set of shared values:

  • Honesty and integrity that earn our Customers long term loyalty
  • Commitment to a culture open to promoting innovation in everything we do
  • Commitment to personal excellence and self-improvement
  • A unilateral focus on providing exceptional customer services

It is these shared values that our multicultural team follows in their every day interaction with each other and with Customers and Partners.

Policy Statement

ISA is committed to providing the highest standard in the development and integration of web-enables applications and services in the GCC through:

  • Understanding not only the IT requirements of the customers but the business process involved
  • Multi-level testing of the solution prior during and post deployment
  • Continuous training programmers on the latest technologies
  • Managing projects according to international project management methods
  • Ensuring professional customer support and warranty services

In order to achieve the above all the staff is committed to follow the Quality Management System developed based on ISO 9001:2000 requirements.

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About Us


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